Testing the Waters ~ Keep Control of Bedtime

Testing the waters is something that all children do frequently when growing up and is an important learning technique for your child. Only by periodically testing to see if the rules have changed will your child know what is expected of them. Children are naturally curious creatures. They love to experiment and see what reaction to their different actions will be.

Although children are constantly testing and pushing their boundaries, they are always very reassured when they discover that the new rules have stayed the same. This is usually all that your child is doing when they suddenly start protesting at bedtime after months of hassle-free nights. The most important thing to remember when this happens is that YOU remain in control of bedtime. I’ve gotten many calls from parents who have lost control of their child’s bedtime. Their son or daughter has been sleeping very well for months, but suddenly started making more and more demands before bed – and before they knew it, their child was sleeping in bed with them again!

If and when your little one starts trying out their old bedtime tricks on you, it is extremely important to be firm and consistent. It can only take one or two nights of caving in and allowing your child to climb into bed with you before they are permanently installed between you and your partner again!

content courtesy of The Sleep Sense Program


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