age: 11 months
night time sleep: 10-11 hours per night
naps: 2 solid naps a day
time spent on program: 1 month
home: Surrey, BC

Meet Taylor, such a happy little girl!  Taylor’s parents contacted me looking for help getting her sleeping in her own room, eliminating nighttime feedings and taking consistent, solid naps on her own. Mom and Dad couldn’t have been more committed to the plan and getting their whole family the sleep that they needed. Taylor showed us all what a smart little girl she is and had learned the new skill of independent sleep only a few days in. Congratulations Taya!


Dear Kathryn,

I am so thankful that my husband and I made the decision to hire Kathryn as our sleep consultant.

From the very first conversation, her caring and compassionate nature was evident and most importantly, she genuinely heard what our needs were. She tailored the plan to what we were comfortable with.  After 10 months of co-sleeping and and nursing our daughter to sleep we were ready for this step.

The process was a challenge for sure, but we were dedicated as a couple and with the incredible support and guidance of Kathryn it was possible!  Kathryn was our strength when there were moments of doubt. If Kathryn could have belief that our daughter would be sleeping through the night and taking two solid naps a day by the end of this, then I knew we had to stick to the plan!!  Our daughter surprised us in so many ways and within days was sleeping through the night and was learning to be able to put herself back to sleep! Although the naps took a little longer for Taylor to conquer, it is incredible how now she is able to lay down, talk a little to herself and her stuffy and fall asleep for 2 solid naps a day….all from a baby that wasn’t able to sleep on her own for 10 months!  Just today when putting her down for her nap as we were reading a book, part way through she closed it and pointed to her crib!  I would have never believed this day would happen!

We are so grateful to Kathryn for all she did for us!  Our daughter gets the sleep needed and we are able to find a little time to ourselves.

Thank you again Kathryn!!

~ Nicole, Rob & Taylor (Taya)

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