Sebastian webage: 10.5 months

night time sleep: 11 hours per night

naps: 2 naps a day

time spent on program: 5 months

home: Fort Langley, BC

Great smile Sebastian! Looks like he just had a good sleep. Sebastian’s tough area was his short naps, every one was 30 minutes and mom felt like she was stuck at home. He was also waking multiple times a night to either be nursed to sleep or needed help finding his soother. Mom had read many books with no success and decided that working together was the route to take. Here’s what she had to say after working together on Sebastian’s sleep:

“There aren’t  enough words to express how happy we are with Kathryn and Sleep Stars. At 5 months old our son was waking up every 3 hours at night and taking 3 to 4 thirty minute naps during the day. We were exhausted and desperate. I had already read as many books as I could get my hands on about baby’s and sleep and couldn’t have been more confused. I just happen to see Sleep Stars ad in a magazine and I immediately sent Kathryn an e-mail . She replied on a Sunday, we met on that Wednesday, started the sleep training on that Friday…and by the next Tuesday he was sleeping through the night and taking 2 naps a day, both over an hour long! She gave us an easy step by step plan and throughout the whole process was never more than a phone call or e-mail away. My son is now 9 months old and after a story and lullaby, you can place him in his crib and he’ll just roll over and snuggle up with his stuffed ducky and drift off to sleep. No fussing, no crying…just a happy baby boy and very happy parents. Thank you so much Kathryn!!”

~ Dawn, Gary & Sebastian

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