age: 15 months

night time sleep: 11-12 hours per night

naps: 1 solid nap a day

time spent on program: 2 months

home: Maple Ridge, BC

Meet this little charmer Ryan! When I met with him and his beautiful family he was a busy bee as he had recently learned to walk and was showing me his moves. Ryan had been falling asleep okay at bedtime with his soother but was up multiple times a night in need of mom and dad’s help to retrieve it and was also still getting a dream feed at 11pm. I think he surprised us all when on the first night he slept 11.5 hours straight! Here’s what mom had to say:

“Thank you so much for helping our family sleep! Your professionalism and kind approach was exactly what we needed. Little Ryan was up 2-3 hours a night and now thanks to your consistent plan he is sleeping through. I’m shocked at how easy it was. The biggest thing was getting rid of his sucky and changing my mindset.”

~ Mary

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