Ryan webage: 10 months

night time sleep: 11 hours per night

naps: 2 naps a day

time spent on program: 5 months

home: Fort Langley, BC

Could Ryan be any cuter? I love his bow tie! When mom came to me about Ryan’s sleep he was on a good schedule timing wise but his naps were short, he needed to be nursed to sleep and he was was still waking during the night to nurse. Mom was eager to get things on track and knew that he could be sleeping better. She was worried about crying but after meeting felt that she could follow the plan and was comfortable with the gentle techniques that we would be using. Here is what she had to say about her experience:

“I want to thank you for everything. You have been such a wonderful support through this process, I don’t think I could have done it on my own! I had a slight idea of what sleep training might entail, but you made it not nearly as overwhelming. The process was nowhere near what I expected; Ryan really responded well right away. We were both obviously ready for proper sleep. It’s so nice to know Ryan is getting all of the sleep he needs and my life has regained some much needed order. His schedule is so predictable now, I can plan things again!

Thank you a million times. I will absolutely recommend you to everyone. I already have quite a few times!”

~ Ashlie (and Dave and Ryan too of course!)

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