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Fall Back ~ How to Handle the Time Change

Most parents don’t mind so much in the Fall when they gain an extra hour, but it sends fear through people’s bonesView full post »

Testing the Waters ~ Keep Control of Bedtime

Testing the waters is something that all children do frequently when growing up and is an important learning techniqueView full post »

New Years Resolutions? Get some sleep!!!

Happy New Year everyone! With 2015 in full swing you are more than likely thinking about your resolutions; maybe youView full post »

Tips for Halloween Night!

  Happy Halloween Everyone! Here are some tips to help keep your child’s sleep on track while stillView full post »

Should I Feed My Baby at Night?

Ah, night waking…every parent’s dream come true. Young babies still need to eat during the night, so getting out ofView full post »

Holiday Sleep Tips

With Easter long weekend starting tomorrow most of us are gearing up for a busy few days. Whether it’s travelingView full post »

Suggestions for Early Risers

  Early rising is one of the most common problems that parents have when it comes to their little one’sView full post »

Newborns ~ Establishing Good Sleep from Day 1!

Well I think the time has come that I let you in on a little secret…my husband, daughter and I will be welcoming aView full post »


age: 11 months night time sleep: 10-11 hours per night naps: 2 solid naps a day time spent on program: 1 month home:View full post »