Sebastian webage: 10.5 months

night time sleep: 11 hours per night

naps: 2 naps a day

time spent on program: 5 months

home: Fort Langley, BC

Great smile Sebastian! Looks like he just had a good sleep. Sebastian’s tough area was his short naps, every one was 30 minutes and mom felt like she was stuck at home. He was also waking multiple times a night to either be nursed to sleep or needed help finding his soother. Mom had read many books with no success and decided that working together was the route to take. Here’s what she had to say after working together on Sebastian’s sleep:

“There aren’t  enough words to express how happy we are with Kathryn and Sleep Stars. At 5 months old our son was waking up every 3 hours at night and taking 3 to 4 thirty minute naps during the day. We were exhausted and desperate. I had already read as many books as I could get my hands on about baby’s and sleep and couldn’t have been more confused. I just happen to see Sleep Stars ad in a magazine and I immediately sent Kathryn an e-mail . She replied on a Sunday, we met on that Wednesday, started the sleep training on that Friday…and by the next Tuesday he was sleeping through the night and taking 2 naps a day, both over an hour long! She gave us an easy step by step plan and throughout the whole process was never more than a phone call or e-mail away. My son is now 9 months old and after a story and lullaby, you can place him in his crib and he’ll just roll over and snuggle up with his stuffed ducky and drift off to sleep. No fussing, no crying…just a happy baby boy and very happy parents. Thank you so much Kathryn!!”

~ Dawn, Gary & Sebastian


Brooklyn webage: 15 months

night time sleep: 11-12 hours per night

naps: 2 solid naps a day

time spent on program: 2.5 months

home: Yarrow, BC

Meet gorgeous Brooklyn, what a fabulous shot! When meeting with this family I learned that they had read the Sleep Sense book and put some of the techniques to use. Brooklyn new how to fall asleep on her own but didn’t do it consistently. She was also still waking in the night, sometimes multiple to be fed and often joined Mom & Dad in bed which wasn’t the plan. After a little tweaking and everyone getting on board with the same consistent plan here’s what mom had to say:

“I’m so extremely happy with our decision to work with Kathryn on our daughter Brooklyn’s sleep. Brooklyn was a year old when we called Kathryn. At that point, I nursed her to sleep and she was getting up to nurse every 2 hours from 11 pm until 6 am. Needless to say we all were feeling quite sleep deprived. My husband and I had read books, asked others for advice, tried sleep training ourselves, but nothing was working. When I first talked to Kathryn I wasn’t sure I could believe what she said: she could have Brooklyn sleeping through the night in one week max! Kathryn was right, Brooklyn was sleeping through the night and falling asleep by herself in less than a week! It wasn’t an easy process at the beginning but by following the customized sleep plan that Kathryn put together for us and talking to Kathryn during our follow-up phone calls we got through the really tough couple days. Kathryn was amazing to work with, very professional, and tremendously supportive. She also provided us with resources we can reference in the future. Brooklyn now tells me when she wants to go ‘night night’ and can put herself to sleep. This is the best money I’ve ever spent, thank you Kathryn!”

~Melissa, Sheldon & Brooklyn


Elliana webage: 10 months

night time sleep: 11 hours per night

naps: 2 solid naps a day

time spent on program: 3.5 months

home: Maple Ridge, BC

Look at stylish little Elliana! I got the pleasure of meeting Ms. Elliana and her mom Saige at one of my seminars. Saige had lots of questions and had soon decided that she wanted to make Elliana’s sleep her focus. Elliana was going to bed quite late, wasn’t napping barely at all, needed to nurse to sleep and was joining mom in bed every morning at 5am. Saige wanted to keep one night time feed in which I was happy work around. Elliana eventually eliminated that feed all on her own! Here is what mom had to say after working together:

“Overall, I am so pleased with the results of the Sleep Stars Program. I was nervous at first but as I saw how quickly Elliana improved I was tickled! She now sleeps an average of 11 hours each night with two 2 hr naps during the day. It’s fantastic! Both Elliana and I are so much happier and she is thriving. Kathryn was there for me through it all and the support she provided was priceless. I am so thankful for it all and happy to have been a part of it.”

 ~ Saige & Elliana


Peter webage: 11 months

night time sleep: 11-12 hours per night

naps: 2 solid naps a day

time spent on program: 4 months

home: Whistler, BC

How cute is little man Peter! Unfortunately I never got to meet this little guy in person but connected with Mom via the wonderful Skype. Peter was nursing to sleep for most sleep situations and on a bad night was waking mom every 1.5 hours to be nursed back to sleep. Naps were inconsistent and on the short side. Mom was a great student and had him on the right track in no time! He even had a succesful trip during his training, way to go Peter!

Here’s what mom had to say about working together:

“At 6 months Peter was still only sleeping 2-4 hours at a time at night and needing to feed to go back to sleep each time. After trying to research on my own but being overwhelmed with all the information in books/online I was recommended Kathryn by a friend. The structure and advice Kathryn gave me to follow had Peter sleeping through the night within 3 days and now one month later he sleeps and average of 11.5 hours a night without waking up. Kathryn gave such great support throughout my time working with her and assured me with great answers and advice to all my questions. I no longer worry that he will wake at night and bed time/nap time is very stress free and easy for both myself and my husband. Thank you Kathryn your work and help is much appreciated.”

~ Sophie & Peter



Hayden webage: 9 months

night time sleep: 11-12 hours per night

naps: 2 solid naps a day

time spent on program: 3 months

home: Langley, BC

Meet beautiful Ms. Hayden! I first met her Mom at a local Baby Fair and it wasn’t long before she was in touch to work together on her daughter’s sleep. Due to some post labour issues little Hayden had developed a nurse to sleep association, wasn’t napping unless on Mom, was sleeping with Mom and waking her every 45 minutes to an hour to suckle back to sleep. Mom was exhausted and needed help! Hayden gave us a run for our money but in the end she is one Sleep Star that I am especially proud of. Here’s what mom had to say about her experience working together:

“I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome from the Sleep Stars program. I was nervous going into it as Hayden was a horrible sleeper. Since day one we co-slept, she had to always be nursed to sleep and she would get me up ever hour at night to be nursed back to sleep and she never, ever napped. Now a month later Hayden loves her sleep; she sleeps 10-12 hours a night in her crib, in her own room, and has two 2-3 hour naps a day. She is a much happier baby which makes me a much happier mommy. Thanks so much Kathryn.”

~ Stephanie & Hayden