age: just about 1!

night time sleep: 12 hours per night

naps: 2 solid naps a day

time spent on program: 2 months

home: Mission, BC

The picture says it all when you look at this little angel Aubree…gorgeous! Mom contacted me when she was 8.5 months old and the whole family was exhausted. Aubree was sleeping with mom which meant that most nights, she also had to go to bed at 7 which didn’t leave much time for mom & dad to spend together. She was taking 3 short naps a day and needed to be nursed, held or rocked to sleep for every sleep situation. Well those days are over!Here’s what mom had to say:

I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl on Mother’s Day of 2012.  Life was blissful….for three weeks lol.  Then colic kicked in, and 19 hours of crying a day began.  I found that the only way my daughter would sleep was with me, in bed.  Co-sleeping and nursing to sleep became a way of life for us around the three month mark.  It was the absolute ONLY way either of us (baby and I) got any sleep.  We both became accustomed to this way of life rather quickly; yet I found by around the time she was 5 months, my being in bed with her, actually seemed to be disrupting her sleep, more than helping it.  (The having to go to bed at 7 pm every night and stay there wasn’t ideal either lol.)  I was absolutely adamant that I would not do “cry it out”, and so I spent countless hours reading sleep training books and researching the web.  In the end, all it got me was absolutely overwhelmed and frustrated.  One night (when she was 8.5 months old), during a break from this “research”, I thought I’d skim Facebook and see what was happening in my friend’s lives.  The first post I saw was for Sleep Stars Consulting, soon to be coming to the Mommies and Munchkins Fair in Langley.  I swear, it was like God put the post there, just to help me in my hour of need.  I immediately messaged Kathryn and began the short trek to a complete life change!  We met and discussed what I was willing and not willing to do in terms of sleep training, what my daughter’s sleep habits were like, as well as her daily activities and feeding schedule.  Kathryn created a tailored plan for us and we implemented it within a couple days.  Don’t get me wrong, I was distraught for those days leading up to “it”; but in the end, it only took one rough night and then the rest was pretty much smooth sailing.  My daughter took to her crib, with no crutches at all, by night three!  It was like a miracle!  She also began taking two 1.5-2 hour naps per day, on her own, in her crib!  That was 8 weeks ago, and I have to say, both my daughter and I are well rested and enjoy each and every minute of our time together now, rather than both of us being over tired and cranky.  Kathryn absolutely changed both of our lives for the better!  Best money I have EVER spent in my life lol!  I have recommended her to absolutely everyone I know, and strangers too lol!

~ Jenn Skahl


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