age: 6 months

night time sleep: 12-13 hours

time spent on program: 1 1/2 months

home: Port Coquitlam, BC

This sweet little guy is baby Aiden. His parents came to me when he was just shy of 5 months looking for some advice on how to help him start sleeping through the night and taking longer naps during the day. He was such as super star to work with, sleeping through the night on his second night of the plan. Way to go Aiden and family!


Dear Kathryn,

Aiden was 5 months when we decided it was time to make that move to a better night sleep. He relied on his soother for everything and when it would fall out he would wake up looking for it, which in return, caused a very sleep deprived mommy. I heard about Kathryn through a friend and decided to give her Sleep Stars Program a try. We moved Aiden into his own room, took away his soother and after the second night, he was sleeping 12-13 hours straight and has been since we started! Kathryn was amazing with the support she provided and very helpful with teaching us more about sleep patterns in children and babies.  I HIGHLY recommend the Sleep Stars Program to anyone and everyone who has babies or young children. The best thing with doing this is feeling well rested and having a happy baby when he wakes up and throughout the day. Thanks Kathryn!

– Natasha, Mike & Aiden

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