About Sleep Stars Consulting

Hi! My name is Kathryn Wood and I am your Sleep Stars Consultant. I provide parents with the knowledge to teach their children to become healthy sleepers. Good sleep is an essential part of life that ensures children are happy, energetic and well adjusted.

I am the mother of two beautiful girls. While anticipating my first daughter’s arrival, I had many concerns about becoming a mother but I never thought that sleep (or lack of it!) would top the list.  However, at five months old, my daughter was still waking two or three times a night and she’d never nap for more than half an hour. Not only were her naps not long enough, but it was taking me close to half an hour to get her to fall asleep for them. Nighttime was similar, with my husband and I flying up the stairs to pop her soother back in her mouth many times before she would finally sleep deeply enough to stay asleep.

At a loss, I researched infant and child sleep and found a program that was easy to follow and, more importantly, it worked! It wasn’t long before our daughter was sleeping through the night and napping for longer periods during the day. It was a lifesaver. We now had the evenings to ourselves and time during the day to actually get a few things done. All of this was great, but the best part of it was we knew our daughter was getting the sleep she needed to thrive. Her mood changed right before our eyes, and she is now a very happy little girl.

During this process I developed a true interest in children and their need for sleep and I’m thrilled to have become a Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant. I am passionate about helping families in the same way I was helped – by guiding their children to become independent sleepers living healthy and active lives.